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The Leidolf Lordox Junior (1954) VF

Leidolf was a manufacturer of optical equipment situated in Wetzlar, Germany.[1][2] It was founded by Rudolf Leidolf in 1921, initially producing lenses for microscopes.[1][2] In 1948 camera production was started and in 1962 the factory ceased operations.[1] Leidolf is in no way related to Leitz (the manufacturer of Leica), even though Wetzlar has been the historical location for both companies.[1]

Camera models[edit]

  • Leidax, Leidox (1949)
  • Lordomat (C35/SE/SLE) (1953)
  • Lordox Junior (1954)
  • Lordette (1955)
  • Lordomatic (1955)
  • Lordomatic IIR (1955)
  • Lordox Vollautomat (1960)
  • Lordox Super Automat (1960)
  • Unimatic (1961)


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