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Leigh-On-Sea (song)

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Single by Assembly Now
Released29 January 2007
GenreIndie rock
Producer(s)John Fortis, Howard Gray

"Leigh-On-Sea" is the second single by British rock band Assembly Now. It was released on 29 January 2007 on independent label Label Fandango, run by the people behind Club Fandango. It is a limited edition vinyl single of only 700 copies, which sold out in its first week.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Leigh-On-Sea" – 2:22
  2. "Tenement (Demo)" – 2:58

Critical reception[edit]

Chris Reynolds of Gigwise.com awarded the single 4.5/5 stars, calling the single "a new high" and "jerky, fast paced and exciting not to mention supremely catchy".[1] Maps magazine was also enthusiastic, calling it "Two and a half minutes of furious foot tapping, radio-friendly brilliance with a skronky guitar breakdown and Xylophone chimes chucked in for good measure".[2] John Sakamoto of the Toronto Star called it "the most exhilarating 2:22 of the week".[3] Daniel Ross of Drowned in Sound, meanwhile, gave the single a 5/10 rating, opining that the band "sound in dire need of a few months in glorious isolation, somewhere where they can purge themselves of their flailing clutches at influences".[4] Gareth K. Vile of The Skinny was also not impressed, and in his view the single lacked "much sincere urgency, originality or imagination".[5]


"Leigh-On-Sea" won BBC 6 Music's Rebel Playlist competition with the highest number of listener votes in the poll's history, according to host Steve Lamacq. [1]


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