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Lejb Wulman c. 1929

Lejb (Leon) Wulman (September 13, 1887, Berdychiv – April 28, 1971, New York City) was a Polish-Jewish and American physician and social activist, the co-author (with Joseph Tenenbaum) of the monograph on the Polish-Jewish physicians who perished in the Holocaust (The Martyrdom of Jewish physicians in Poland).

He was son of Szama and Chana Wulman.[1] He studied medicine at Warsaw University and qualified as a physician in 1916. In years 1916–1921 he lived and practised in Charkov; after 1921 he moved back to Warsaw. From 1921 to 1923 he served as deputy medical director of the Joint Distribution Committee for Poland. In 1923 he became a member and later director of TOZ (Jewish Health Organisation of Poland). In 1939 he managed to emigrate with his family to the United States.

He was a founder of the American OSE (Œuvre de secours aux enfants) Committee, and an executive director of this organisation since 1940.[2]

Married with Esthera Szor, they had one daughter, Mary (Serafina) Wulman (born 1919). He died in New York in 1971.

Selected works[edit]

  • Pięć lat działalności TOZu: 1922–1926. Warszawa: TOZ, 1927
  • 10 yor yidishe gezundshuts-arbet in Poyln: tsum 10-yorikn yubiley fun TOZ. Varshe: TOZ, 1933
  • Na straży zdrowia ludu żydowskiego: 15 lat TOZ'u. Warszawa: TOZ, 1937
  • In kamf farn gezunt fun yidishn folk. New York, 1968


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