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Leland Myrick is an author and illustrator. He was born in Missouri and currently lives in Pasadena, California.[1] In 1999, he was nominated for an Ignatz Award for Promising New Talent for The Sweet Collection,[2] and in 2004 he was awarded a Xeric Grant to create Bright Elegy.[3] In 2006, he published a graphic novel titled Missouri Boy.[4] A short story titled "Sustain This Song" was published in summer 2010 in Flight volume 7. A short story titled "The Collector" was published in summer 2011 in Flight volume 8. He illustrated Feynman (written by Jim Ottaviani) for First Second Books, published in August 2011[5] and it has been announced that they will also collaborate on a biography of Stephen Hawking.[6] His first fantasy novel, The Ten, was named to Kirkus Reviews Best Indie Books of 2012.[7]


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