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Leng Mei (Chinese: 冷枚; pinyin: Lěng Méi; Wade–Giles: Leng Mei), a native of Jiaozhou, Shandong province, was a Qing Dynasty Chinese painter, active 1677-1742 (his specific years of birth and death are not known).[1] His courtesy name was Jichen (吉臣), and sobriquet Jinmen Waishi, or Jinmen Shushi. He was Jiao Bingzhen's student. Leng's specialty was painting human figures, particularly court ladies.[2]

Sample of paintings[edit]

Two Rabbits under Chinese Parasol Tree (梧桐双兔图), Leng Mei, Palace Museum, Beijing
Spring Evening Banquet at the Peach and Pear Blossom Garden (春夜宴桃李園), Leng Mei, National Palace Museum, Taipei
Figures (人物), Leng Mei, National Palace Museum, Taipei


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