Leninist Communist Youth League of the Karelo-Finnish Soviet Socialist Republic

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Leninist Communist Youth League of the Karelo-Finnish SSR (Russian: Ленинский коммунистический союз молодежи Карело-Финской ССР, LKSM KFSSR) was the republican branch of the All Union Leninist Communist Youth League (Komsomol) in the Karelo-Finnish SSR 1940-1956. The first congress of LKSM KFSSR was held June 1-June 3, 1940. The conference elected a Central Committee, with Yuri Andropov as its First Secretary. During the Second World War, the Central Committee of the LKSM KFSSR organized partisan resistance against the occupying forces, both in urban and rural areas.[1]

Karelo-Finnish Komsomol artists playing kantele at the 2nd World Festival of Youth and Students in Budapest, 1949

Andropov continued in the post until 1944. [2]

In total seven congresses of LKSM KFSSR were held. LKSM KFSSR published the newspaper Юные ленинцы (Young Lenin's Follower) and Молодой большевик (Young Bolshevik) .[1]