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Lenn Redman (1912 Chicago –1987 Los Angeles) was an artist, caricaturist, animator, author, poet, illustrator, entertainer, cartoonist and civil rights activist.

Lenn Redman (also known as Leonard Redman, Len Redman) was born in Chicago, Illinois. His mother Sarah Brooks-Redman was born in Chicago. His father, Victor Redman migrated from Ladyzhinka, Russia. His parents owned "Redman's" a clothing store in Chicago. His sister's Ruth Redman-Greenwood and Florence Redman-Green were also artists. His only son Mark, resides in Oakwood, Georgia. His career spanned more than 50 years.


  • "How To Draw Caricatures",
  • "What am I"? series of books that was first published in 1980. The National Conference of Christians and Jews printed and distributed a million copies in commemoration of National Brotherhood Week. The series is a masterpiece in Diversity Awareness/Education.






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