Léo Collard

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Léo Collard
Leo Collard 1968.jpg
Collard, pictured in 1968
Born (1902-07-11)11 July 1902
Aulnois, Belgium
Died 27 January 1981(1981-01-27) (aged 78)
Mons, Belgium
Nationality Belgian
Occupation politician
Known for Mayor of Mons

Léo Collard (11 July 1902 – 27 January 1981) was a Belgian politician, the Belgian Socialist Party (PSB–BSP) minister of public education (1946 and 1954–1958) and Mayor of Mons (1953–1974).

In 1955, Collard tried to increase the subsidies to the free secondary, technical, and normal education from the previous homogeneous Catholic period of government and also the salaries of teachers. This led to a violent reaction of the free Belgium leading education known as the Second School War, supported by the Christian Social Party (PSC–CVP) and the Catholic Church.[1] He has founded a large number of National School buildings. Teachers had to possess a diploma, so many priests without diploma were no longer eligible.

In 1963 Leo Collard was appointed Minister of State.


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