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Leonello Rabatti (born 7 November 1960, Reggello, Italy) is an Italian poet and critic. He lives in Prato and has privately published two volumes of poetry. He received a degree in Modern Literature from the University of Florence.

Rabatti has contributed poetry and prose to several Italian magazines, including "Semicerchio","Collettivo R", "Pietraserena", "Hebenon", "Spiritualità e letteratura." He has also participated in various poetry and musical events in Florence and elsewhere in Italy.[1]

Selected works[edit]

  • Limite del silenzio (1992)
  • Destino (1995).

Poetry included in anthologies[edit]

  • Poeti di Novecento (1994)
  • Nostos – Poeti degli anni Novanta a Firenze (1997)


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