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Leonie Joubert is a freelance science writer and also an author and journalist, with a special interest in climate change, biodiversity, natural history, agriculture, energy issues, and wine. Joubert has a master's in science journalism from Stellenbosch University and a bachelor's in journalism and media studies from Rhodes University.[1] She is an author of four books: Scorched, South Africa's changing climate, publisher Wits University Press (1 October 2006); Boiling point, people in a changing climate, publisher Wits University Press (1 January 2008); Invaded, the biological invasion of South Africa publisher Wits University Press (17 October 2009) and The Hungry Season, feeding South Africa's cities, publisher Picador Africa (6 September 2012).

Her first book, Scorched: South Africa's Changing Climate (Wits University Press, 2006), blends the facts of climate change "with humour, history, vivid descriptions of people" and delivers it with "an amazing personal sense of wonder".[2] Her second book, Invaded, the biological invasion of South Africa's cities, documents the consequences of the introduction to alien species into South Africa. Her last book, The Hungry Season, feeding southern Africa's cities, is an exploration of hunger and malnutrition in southern Africa. It focuses on the story about hunger and malnutrition, in a world where they are surrounded by food. She states that it's the access to the food and what choices people make when they get the food.


Joubert was awarded two honorary Sunday Times Alan Paton Non-Fiction Awards, one for Scorched in 2007 and the other for Invaded in 2010. Alan Paton Award.[3][4]

Leonie was awarded the Ruth First Fellowship by the University of the Witwatersrand. She was also honored as SAB Environmental Journalist in the print internet category in 2009, and has always been committed to drawing attention to a whole range of environmental concerns. She also maintain several columns in the Mail & Guardian, and other outlets as well. She writes for many publications such as Getaway, Africa Geographic, Engineering News, SA4x4, Xplore, African Decisions, Progress, EarthYear, Farmers Weekly, Wine Magazine, the Extra Virgin newsletter, Wine News, the Sunday Independent, Sunday Argus, Sunday Tribune, and Cape Times. In 2007, she was the Ruth First Fellow, list in the Mail & Guardian's "200 Young South Africans You Must Take To Lunch" (2008). Her recent projects include Adapted the SA National Biodiversity Assessment Report into Life: The State of South Africa's Biodiversity 2012, she wrote WWF-SA's Better Production for a Living Planet and The Hungry Season, an animated video on food security in the city.


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