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Portrait of Leopoldo Marenco

Leopoldo Marenco (born at Ceva in 1831; died 1899) was an Italian dramatic poet, now known as a librettist.


His father was Carlo Marenco. Like his father he held a government post under the Treasury Department, one which took him to Sardinia.

In 1860 he became Professor of Latin literature at Bologna University, and later occupied a similar chair at Milan University. In 1871 he retired to Turin.


His plays in verse, written after 1860, are more notable for their lyrical qualities than for dramatic technique. Among them are "Celeste", "Tempeste alpine", "Marcellina", "Il falconiere di Pietra Ardena", "Adelasia" "La famiglia", "Carmela" "Piccarda Donati", "Saffo", "Rosalinda", etc. Subjects from modern and medieval history were treated by him, and he followed his father's example in drawing from Dante.


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