Myriopholis macrorhyncha

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Myriopholis macrorhyncha
Leptotyphlops macrorhynchus.jpeg
Scientific classification edit
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Reptilia
Order: Squamata
Suborder: Serpentes
Family: Leptotyphlopidae
Genus: Myriopholis
M. macrorhyncha
Binomial name
Myriopholis macrorhyncha
(Jan, 1860)
  • Stenostoma (Ramphostoma) macrorhynchum Jan In Jan & Sordelli, 1860
  • Stenostoma (Ramphostoma) macrorhynchum - Jan, 1861
  • Glauconia macrorhynchus - Boulenger, 1890
  • Glauconia macrorhynchus - Boulenger, 1893
  • Glauconia algeriensis Jacquet, 1895
  • Leptotyphlops phillipsi Barbour, 1914
  • Glauconia erythraea Scortecci, 1928
  • Glauconia braccianii Scortecci, 1928
  • Leptotyphlops macrorhynchus - Corkill, 1932
  • Leptotyphlops macrorhynchus [macrorhynchus] - Angel, 1936
  • Leptotyphlops macrorynchus bilmaensis Angel, 1936
  • Leptotyphlops braccianii - Parker, 1949
  • Leptotyphlops erythraea - Parker, 1949
  • Leptotyphlops erythraeus - Hahn, 1980
  • Leptotyphlops macrorhynchus macrorhynchus - Hahn, 1980
  • Leptotyphlops macrorhynchus bilmaensis - Hahn, 1980[1]

Myriopholis macrorhyncha, also known as the long-nosed worm snake or hook-snouted worm snake is a harmless blind snake species found in northern Africa and southwestern Asia. No subspecies are currently recognized.[2]


This reptile's appearance is similar to M. cairi.

Geographic range[edit]

Found in isolated populations across northern Africa and in southwestern Asia. In Africa it occurs in Morocco, Mauritania, Senegal, Guinea, Ghana, Algeria, Tunisia, Niger, Libya, Chad, Mali, Egypt, Sudan, Somalia and Ethiopia. In Asia it has been reported in Aden (Yemen), Turkey, Iran, Israel, Iraq and Pakistan. The type locality given is "Sennaar" (Sudan).[1]


A subspecies, M. m. bilmaensis Angel, 1936, found in Niger was recognized by Hahn (1980).

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Further reading[edit]

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