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The first logo, which was revamped as a 100-year anniversary logo.

Lerum is a Norwegian company, which produces food and drinks.

It was started in 1907 by Nils Hansson Lerum and his wife Kari Hansdotter Ørbech as a small store in Sørheim, Luster. Since many in the rural community paid with berries, they started production of conserves. The company N. H. Lerums Saftfabrikk was moved to Sogndal in 1919.[1] Lerum, which still is family-owned, now consists of two subdivisions, Lerum Konserves and Lerum Fabrikker.

The chief executive officer is Trine Lerum Hjellhaug, and the board consists of Sverre S. Tysland, Kristine Aasheim, Kurt Lerum, Jon Terje Øverland, Gro Lerum Bondevik, Kåre Lerum, Bente Lerum Lund, Jørn Stenehjem, Grethe Kristin Lerum and Erik Asbjørn Thue.[2][3]


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