Les Gazelles

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Les Gazelles
Directed byMona Achache
Produced byEric Juhérian
Mathias Rubin
Frédérique Dumas
Valérie Boyer
Julien Deris
Franck Elbase
David Gauquie
Bertrand Hassini-Bonnette
Nicolas Lesage
Etienne Mallet
Pascal Sennequier
Eric Zaouali
Written byMona Achache
Camille Chamoux
Cécile Sellam
Elodie Monlibert
Julien Weill
StarringCamille Chamoux
Audrey Fleurot
Joséphine de Meaux
Naidra Ayadi
Anne Brochet
CinematographyPatrick Blossier
Edited byBeatrice Herminie
Release date
  • 26 March 2014 (2014-03-26)
Running time
99 minutes
Budget$4.4 million [1]
Box office$2.4 million [2]

Les Gazelles is a 2014 French comedy film directed by Mona Achache.


Marie and Eric, a couple in their thirties who have been together since college, buy their first apartment when Marie is suddenly overcome by doubt. Her encounter with a handsome, dark-haired man forces her to make a decision: she leaves Eric to throw herself into the big sea of pleasure and freedom. But she actually ends up on the bottom of the pool, where she discovers a world without pity: at her age, being single is quickly perceived as a suspicious defect. Enlightened by new friendships, Marie learns to envisage her single life as a chance to become even stronger and to at last be ready to be happy.



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