Les Oreilles

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Les Oreilles
Directed by Gilbert Babena
Produced by Acajou Films Canal+ Horizons
Screenplay by Gilbert Babena
Starring Brian Ngoupé Sakio Toni Yolande Bath Atangana Tatiana Matip Gabriel Fomogne
Music by Ralain Ngammo Nounjio Landry Mbassi
Cinematography Joël Nzeuga
Edited by Théophile Ngwe II
Release date
  • 2008 (2008)
Running time
13 minutes 30 seconds
Country Cameroon

Les Oreilles is a 2008 film.


A boy by the name of Dieudonné (God Given) lives in a popular neighborhood in Yaoundé. His mother, a prostitute, does not love him. In view of this lack of affection, he decides to search for his father and observes every man he spots to see if he scratches his ear the way he himself does.


  • Festival Lumières d’Afrique de Besançon (Francia) 2009