Les Tuche 3

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Les Tuche 3
The Magic Tuche
Directed byOlivier Baroux
Produced byRichard Grandpierre
Screenplay by
  • Olivier Baroux
  • Nessim Chikhaoui
  • Julien Hervé
  • Philippe Mechelen

Jean-Paul Rouve

StarringJean-Paul Rouve
Isabelle Nanty
Music byMartin Rappeneau
CinematographyChristian Abomnes
Distributed byPathé
Release date
January 2018
Budget$14.8 million [1]
Box office$47.4 million [2]

Les Tuche 3 also known as The Magic Tuche is a French comedy film co-written by Olivier Baroux, Nessim Chikhaoui, Julien Hervé, Philippe Mechelen and Jean-Paul Rouve and directed by Olivier Baroux. It is a sequel of Les Tuche and Les Tuche 2: Le Rêve américain.[3] It was released in January 2018 and was a commercial success.[4]


Jeff Tuche (played by Jean-Paul Rouve) is initially delighted with the news that the new TGV is passing near his village Bouzolles, but then discovers to his horror that the TGV will not have a stop in Bouzolles. So he pleads with the French President of the Republic to reconsider the itinerary of the new TGV so that his village doesn't remain in isolation from the world. But not hearing from the Élysée, he decides to run for the French presidential election and succeeds becoming the French President, leaving him with the daunting task of how to govern France.[5]



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