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Ann Lesley Milroy (born March 5, 1944) is a sociolinguist, and a professor emerita at the University of Michigan.[1] She was born in Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom in 1944. She studied and began her work in sociolinguistics in the UK. Lesley's work in sociolinguistics focuses on urban and rural dialectology, language ideology and standard.

Perhaps Milroy's most famous work studying examined social networks and linguistic variation in Belfast in the 1970s.[2] Much of her work has been carried out conjointly with her husband James Milroy, and the two are coauthors to two widely influential books about English sociolinguistics and dialectology.

She has written over seven books and fifteen journal articles, worked as an editorial board member for several research journals, and lectured around the world on her research. Milroy moved to the United States in 1994, where she worked as a professor and the chair of the department of linguistics at the University of Michigan, and retired in 2004. She has since done some sociolinguistic teaching and lecturing at Oxford University.

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