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Lethal Angels (Chinese 魔鬼天使 Mor gwai tin si, Singapore title Naked Avengers) is a 2006 violent action film starring Hsin Tien, Cherrie Yin, Fei Lei, Hua Wei, Andy On and Jordan Chan. The film is directed by Cheng Wai-Man.


A group of women with traumatic pasts who have been wronged by various men or groups are taken under the protection of a slightly older woman (Fei Lei), herself once beaten to a miscarriage. She trains these once mistreated women as professional killers, using their looks to get close to targets, and sends them out on missions of vengeance against the people who wronged them. Their latest mission includes the killing of a 6-year-old girl, and one of the women (Tien Hsin) tries to find a way to avoid it. She is recognized by a young police officer investigating the murders as his college almost-girlfriend, and he approaches her with the intention of getting her to surrender to the police. In the end, two befriended women find that not all is as it seems, and that vengeance without conscience is worse than the acts committed by their targets. Deception, reversals, and betrayal on all fronts fill this journey into the minds of the abused and the world of the dark art of vengeance killing.


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