Letov Š-1

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Letov Š-1
Letov Š-2 (Kbely).JPG
A Letov Š-2 (re-engined Š-1) at the Kbely museum
Role Surveillance
Manufacturer Letov Kbely
Designer Alois Šmolík
First flight 1920[1]
Primary user Czechoslovakian Air Force
Number built 28 Š-1, 64 Š-2[1]

The Letov Š-1 was a Czechoslovak single-engined, two-seat biplane surveillance aircraft. It was the first military aircraft built in Czechoslovakia.[1] It was designed by Alois Šmolík at Letov Kbely. The Š-1 first flew in 1920.


127 kW (170 hp) Hiero L engines. Later redesignated Š-1. 28 built.
194 kW (260 hp) Maybach Mb.IVa engines. Later redesignated Š-2. 64 built.[1]
Sm A 1
Commercial variant. Canopy over rear cockpit for two passengers.[1]

Specifications (Š-1)[edit]

Data from The Encyclopedia of World Aircraft[1]

General characteristics



  • 1x fixed machine gun
  • 1x twin machine gun on swiwel mount


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