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statue de saint Leufroy, église Saint-Leufroy,

Leutfridus[1] was a French monk and saint of the eighth century.


Leutfridus studied at Condat Abbey and at Chartres, and was for a time a teacher at Evreux. A Benedictine, he was also a spiritual student of Saint Sidonius of Saint-Saëns. He spent time as a hermit at Cailly and at Rouen. He founded the abbey of La Croix-Saint-Qu'en around 690, and served as its first abbot.[2] The abbey was later renamed Saint-Leufroy in his honor.

Leutfridus died in 738;[2] his feast day is June 21.

Leutfridus was the brother of Saint Agofredus.


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