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Levator Boatworks is a manufacturer of racing shells.


Levator Boatworks Limited was launched in 1994, by boat builder - designer Jurgen Kaschper in London, Ontario, Canada. The company builds three series of single rowing racing shells.

The Racer Series are composite material boats designed for competitive racing rowing clubs and individuals.

The InStep Series are composite racing singles designed with Levator's innovation: the ergonomic InStep system that increases stability and reduces the amount of tuck required to get in and out of the shell. Levator Boatworks successfully developed the INstep system in 1996. This award winning innovation changes the cockpit design by lowering the centre portion of the seat deck to the keel to lower the center of gravity of the rower stepping into the boat. The INstep project was a collaboration between Levator and the University of Waterloo-Faculty of Architecture.

The Mahogany Series are advanced hybrid wooden shells, which combine modern carbon/kevlar/ with mahogany veneers. Levator Boatworks is one of the remaining commercial wooden rowing shell manufacturers remaining in the world.

In 2007 the Levator Boatworks moved production facilities to Dorchester, Ontario, east of London.

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