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Lewis County Schools is the operating school district within Lewis County, West Virginia. It is governed by the Lewis County Board of Education, of which the Superintendent is Joseph Mace.


High school[edit]

Middle school[edit]

  • Robert L. Bland Middle School. Rhonda Judy, Principal. Over 850 students enrolled.[2]

Elementary schools[edit]

  • Alum Bridge Elementary School. Mary Scott, Principal. Over 60 students enrolled.[3]
  • Jane Lew Elementary School. George Reynolds, Principal. Over 300 students enrolled.[4]
  • Peterson-Central Elementary School. Steven Hall, Principal. Over 460 students enrolled.[5]
  • Roanoke Elementary School. Denise Sprouse, Principal. Over 140 students enrolled.[6]

Polk Creek Elementary School was closed and sold in an auction earlier in 2005. The closure of the school relocated over 80 youth to Peterson-Central and Jane Lew Elementary Schools.


The West Virginia Human Rights Commission is investigating charges that Rhonda Bennett, a preschool teacher at Peterson-Central Elementary School, used a biracial child as a lesson prop and told schoolmates that the child had been adopted. Joseph Mace, superintendent of Lewis County schools, refused to return phone calls and e-mails from The Associated Press but acknowledged the incident to a local television station.[1]

Board of Education members[edit]

  • E. Cline Craig
  • Sylvia McNeish
  • Buck Propst
  • Paul Derico
  • Beth Burkhart, President

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