Lewis Hippolytus Joseph Tonna

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This article is about the evangelical protestant pamphleteer. For the ecclesiastical lawyer (1852–1938), see Lewis Dibdin.

Lewis Hippolytus Joseph Tonna (3 September 1812 – 2 April 1857) was an English polyglot and campaigner on behalf of evangelical protestantism.

Born Liverpool, son of the Spanish vice-consul and consul for the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, his father died in 1828 while he was a student in Corfu and he was compelled to find employment as an interpreter aboard the Hydra. He served on various ships until returning to England in 1835 to become a director of the Royal United Services Institute.[1]

Tonna married Charlotte Elizabeth Browne, a widow, in 1841 and the two were prolific pamphleteers for the evangelical Protestant cause.[1] When Giacinto Achilli was interned following the fall of the Roman Republic, Tonna was prominent in the campaign for his release and return to England.[2] Following Charlotte's death in 1846, in 1848 he married Mary Anne Dibdin, daughter of Charles Dibdin (the younger). Neither marriage produced children and Tonna died in London.[1]



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