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Lex Brown (born Maybole, Ayrshire) is a Scottish businessman. A former decorated RAF helicopter pilot,[1] he came to public attention after buying Tioram Castle, in Moidart, for £300,000 in 1997.

There followed years of high-profile conflicts with Historic Scotland, Highland Council and other interested parties,[2] including a public inquiry in 2002 and an appeal to the Scottish Government in 2006. Following a change of personnel at Historic Scotland.,[3] Brown renewed discussions with HS of his plans to reroof and live in Castle Tioram, though these are still at an early stage.[4]

Brown was mostly brought up overseas, in Egypt and Ghana, where his father worked as a civil engineer.[1] His Gaelic-speaking, west highland mother endowed Brown with a respect for his highland heritage.

After 20 years in the armed forces, Brown farmed on Loch Lomondside before making a fortune in the air cargo and oil exploration business.[1]

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