Lex McLean

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Lex McLean
Born April 30th, 1907
Clydebank, Scotland
Died 23 March 1975 (age 76/77)
Other names Alexander McLean Cameron
Spouse(s) Grace Dryburgh

Lex McLean (born Alexander McLean Cameron, 1908—23 March 1975) was a Scottish comedian.

Described as "almost certainly the last of Scotland's great music hall comedians" [1]. He played to packed houses all over his country from the late 1950s to the early 1970s, when he had to semi-retire on the grounds of ill health.

Known as "Sexy Lex" for his risque but never obscene humour. His act was even passed by the Lord Chamberlain. [2]

At the peak of his popularity in the 1960s he appeared in the BBC Scotland comedy series Lex and Lex Again. A huge fan of Rangers [3], he even had Ibrox legend George Young guest on his television show.

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