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The Lexington Hotel as depicted in a postcard circa 1906
The hotel in a dilapidated state in the late 20th century (tour guide in foreground)

The Lexington Hotel was a ten-story[1] hotel in Chicago at 2135 S. Michigan Avenue[2] that was built in 1892 (or 1891[3]) for attendees of the Columbian Exposition.[4] The hotel is notable for being Al Capone's primary residence from July 1928 until his arrest in 1931.[5] After the Saint Valentine's Day Massacre, some commenters called the hotel "Capone's Castle."[6][7] It was later renamed "The New Michigan Hotel" and functioned as a brothel with 400 rooms.[3] The hotel closed in 1980.[4] On April 21, 1986 locked vaults found in the hotel were subject to a live television program called The Mystery of Al Capone's Vaults, which received 30 million viewers. The building was demolished in 1995, in spite of the building being landmarked.[8][9] The location where the hotel once stood is currently the site of a 296 unit residential high rise called "The Lex"[10] that was completed in 2012.


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