Ri Jong-ok

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Li Jong-ok
Li Jong-ok.jpg
Premier of North Korea
In office
December 16, 1977 – January 27, 1984
Preceded by Pak Song-chol
Succeeded by Kang Song-san
Personal details
Born (1916-01-10)10 January 1916
Died 23 September 1999(1999-09-23) (aged 83)
Ri Jong-ok
Chosŏn'gŭl 리종옥
Revised Romanization Ri Jong-ok
McCune–Reischauer Ri Chong'ok

Li Jong-ok (10 January 1916 – 23 September 1999) was the Premier of North Korea from 1977 to 1984. He succeeded Park Sung-chul.[citation needed]

He was the recipient of the Order of Kim Il-sung, Order of the National Flag (first class), Order of Freedom and Independence (first class) and other honors.[1]

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