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Li Zhiyi (Chinese: 李之儀; born Wudi County, Shandong ca. 1048-1117) courtesy name Duanshu (端淑) was a Song Dynasty Chinese poet.

He married Hu Shuxiu (胡淑修; 1047-1105), a talented woman from a prominent family, and passed the imperial examinations in 1070 with a jinshi degree. He became an important disciple and part of the Yuanyou circle that included Su Shi.

His best known work, the Busuanzi (卜算子; 'Song of Divination'), is included in the poetry collection 300 Song Ci (宋詞三百首). Its first verse is referenced in the contemporary novel The Three-Body Problem.[1]


  1. ^ James J.Y. Liu, Richard John Lynn Language-Paradox-Poetics: A Chinese Perspective 1400859689 - 2014 p.70 "One of the first Song poet-critics to compare poetry to Chan was Li Zhiyi (ca. 1040–ca. 1105), who wrote the following in his poem “Presented to the Reverend Master Xiangying": To obtain a line is like obtaining immortality; To be enlightened ..."