Liang Youyu

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Liang Youyu
Traditional Chinese 梁有譽
Simplified Chinese 梁有誉
(courtesy name)
Traditional Chinese 公實
Simplified Chinese 公实
Lanting Jushi
(art name)
Traditional Chinese 蘭汀居士
Simplified Chinese 兰汀居士

Liang Youyu (1521–1556) was a Ming dynasty scholar. A native of Shunde (顺德) in Guangdong province, he completed the Jinshi (进士) level of the Imperial Examination in 1550. He was involved in two well known poetry circles "The Latter Five Poets of the Southern Garden" (南园后五子), and "The Seven Masters" (后七子). His most famous work is Lántīng Cúngǎo (兰汀存稿) (also known as Bǐbùjí 比部集).

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