Southwark Christchurch

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Southwark Christchurch
Paris Garden (until 1670)
Southwark Civil Parish Map 1870.png
 • 1881 77 acres (310,000 m2)
 • 1921 77 acres (310,000 m2)
 • 1881 13,663
 • 1921 8,296
 • Abolished 1930
Status Liberty (until 1670)
Civil parish (1670—1930)

Southwark Christchurch was a parish in the metropolitan area of London, England. It was the manor and liberty of Paris Garden until 1670.[1]

The parish was included in the returns of the Bills of mortality from 1671, having previously been included in the returns for Southwark St Saviour.[2]

In 1855 it was grouped into the St Saviour's District.

It became part of the Metropolitan Borough of Southwark in 1900 and was abolished as a civil parish in 1930.


Southwark is home to the Paris Garden, infamous for bear and bull baiting throughout the 16th and 17th centuries.


The northern boundary was the River Thames between Old Barge House Stairs and Falcon Dock. The rest of the boundary was formed by a looping stream.[3]



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Coordinates: 51°30′22″N 0°6′19″W / 51.50611°N 0.10528°W / 51.50611; -0.10528