Liblice, Český Brod

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For Liblice near Mělník with Baroque chateau see Liblice article.

Liblice is a village in Central Bohemian Region of the Czech Republic, located 33 km east of Prague. It is an administrative part of Český Brod and has a population of 698 (2001).

Liblice is known for its broadcasting facility:

  • RKS Liblice 1-transmitter
  • RKS Liblice 2-transmitter (Its two 355m masts are the tallest towers used for mediumwave broadcasting in the world and also the tallest structure in the Czech Republic).

Coordinates: 50°04′02″N 14°53′13″E / 50.06722°N 14.88694°E / 50.06722; 14.88694