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'The Lobby of the House of Commons' (1886) by 'Lib'

Liborio Prosperi ('Lib') a.k.a. Liberio Prosperi (Foligno 1854- Foligno 1928), was an Italian-born artist who belonged to a group of international artists producing caricatures for the British Vanity Fair magazine. He contributed 55 caricatures between 1885 and 1903, signed 'Lib', and mainly concentrating on the racing set.

His 1886 multi-portrait caricature 'The Lobby of the House of Commons' is on view in the Victorian Gallery of the National Portrait Gallery in London.[1]

The characters depicted by the artists of Vanity Fair included royalty, statesmen, scientists, authors, actors, soldiers, scholars and sporting figures.[1] The last issue of Vanity Fair appeared in 1914. In its forty-five year run it gave its readers a variety of memorable caricatures of Victorian and Edwardian personalities.

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