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Life Sciences Greenhouse of Central Pennsylvania (LSGPA) is a biotechnology initiative and non-profit organization based in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania specializing in the advancement of life sciences through technology to improve the healthcare and enhanced economic opportunity of Pennsylvanians. The initiative began in 2001, funded with money from the state's settlement with the tobacco industry.[1] Other life sciences greenhouses in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh also received seed money from the settlement.[2] The LSGPA partners with a range of institutions, including local research universities, colleges, medical centers, economic development agencies and companies both small and large, to identify needs and opportunities.[1] The organization then works to help transfer technologies, to develop new companies, to provide support for existing companies (particularly those seeking to expand or relocate), and to ensure that the infrastructure necessary to support a thriving life sciences industry keeps pace with development.[1]

Central Pennsylvania has three large research universities which contribute to the initiative. Collectively, these three institutions attract more than $600 million in sponsored research funding annually. They are:[3]


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