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Life review[a] is a phenomenon widely reported in near-death experiences in which people see their life history in an instantaneous and rapid manifestation of autobiographical memory. Life review is often described by those who have experienced it as "having their life flash before their eyes".[4]

Research and phenomenology[edit]

Commentators[5][6] note that near-death experiencers undergo a life review in which the meaning of their life is presented to them, but also how their life affected other people, as well as an awareness of the thoughts and feelings of these people. Bruce Greyson [7] described the life review as a "rapid revival of memories that sometimes extends over the person's entire life". The memories are described as being "many". The review might also include a panoramic quality. According to Jeffrey Long[6] the experience of a life review is often described from a third-person perspective.

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  1. ^ The phenomenon has been called life review,[1] visual life review experience,[2] and compressed life review[3] in academic papers.


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