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Lifetime cover.jpg
Studio album by Lifetime
Released February 6, 2007
Recorded Fall 2006
Studio Trax East, South River, New Jersey
Genre Hardcore punk,[1] melodic hardcore,[2] melodic punk,[3] pop,[3] pop punk[1][4]
Length 21:30
Label Decaydance, Fueled By Ramen
Producer Steve Evetts
Lifetime chronology
Somewhere in the Swamps of Jersey

Lifetime is the fourth album by the influential New Jersey band Lifetime.


Lifetime broke up in 1997, but reformed in 2005 to play at Hellfest. Since then, the group has performed shows sporadically. On March 28,2006, it was announced that the band had signed to Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy's label Decaydance, an imprint of Fueled By Ramen. Wentz explained that he signed the group "because the world needs another lifetime record."[5] In July, the band went on a brief heading tour of the U.S. – their first in nine years – with support from The Bronx.[6]


In November 2006, the band released a 7" vinyl single featuring the songs "All Night Long" and "Haircuts and T-Shirts".[7] In mid-December, the band held a free show in New York City, which acted as a video shoot for a music video.[8] On January 11, 2007, a music video was released for "Airport Monday Morning".[9] Lifetime was planned for release in late February,[8] before being released on February 6 through Decaydance and Fueled By Ramen. Throughout February, the band played a number of album release shows on the west and east coast of the U.S.[10] In April, the band went on a tour of the U.S. with support from The Draft.[11] In August, the band went on a co-headlining tour of the east coast with The Bouncing Souls. They were supported by the Ergs! and Static Radio NJ.[12]


Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
AbsolutePunk 86%[13]
AllMusic 4/5 stars[2]
The A.V. Club B+[3]
Pitchfork 7.9/10[14] 4/5 stars[1]

The album was well received by critics and fans alike. Allmusic gave the album 4 stars, stating: "..while the guys may be older and more mature, they're still the same hardcore kids at heart". also gave the album praise: "Clocking in at around 24 minutes, it’s exactly what the majority of Lifetime fans should expect and love."

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Northbound Breakdown" – 1:55
  2. "Airport Monday Morning" – 2:34
  3. "Just a Quiet Evening" – 2:16
  4. "Haircuts and T-Shirts" – 1:59
  5. "Can't Think About It Now" – 2:44
  6. "Spiders in a Garden" – 1:59
  7. "Yeems Song for Nothing" – 1:35
  8. "Try and Stay Awake" – 2:17
  9. "Song for Mel" – 1:10
  10. "All Night Long" – 2:11
  11. "Records at Nite" – 2:44


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