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Girl hitchhiking at the liftershalte of Den Haag

A liftershalte or liftplaats (in the Dutch language) is a spot (halte means stop, like in bushalte), marked by an official sign, where a hitchhiker (lifter) can easily be picked up by car drivers.[1] In the Netherlands these spots can be found at the following places (in 2013):

  • Amsterdam: at the Prins Bernhardplein before NS Station Amsterdam Amstel (pass the bus stop), road that leads to the ramp of the S112 of the A10. (direction A1 and A2).
  • Den Haag: next to the Malieveld, at the beginning of the A12 (direction Utrecht). Officially doesn't exist anymore: sign has gone. But location is still extremely good for hitchhiking.
  • Groningen: at the Emmaviaduct, the road to the A28, 200 meter westwards of the Centraal Station (richting Assen).
  • Nijmegen: at the Graafseweg (Venlo and 's-Hertogenbosch) and at the verkeersplein near the Waalbrug {direction Arnhem}. The first liftershalte is often used as a parking spot.
  • Utrecht ramp of the Waterlinieweg near De Galgewaard stadium (northwards A27 and A28 and in southwards A12, A2 and A27).
  • Zoetermeer: at the busstop Pruimengaarde on the Australieweg. Combined busstop/hitchhiking spot eastwards A2 to Utrecht. And at the busstop Meerzichtlaan on the Afrikaweg. Combined busstop/hitchhiking spot directions Den Haag, Rotterdam, Delft.

Enschede used to have a liftershalte on the Westerval, at the Parkweg (direction A1). Since 2006 however it doesn't exist anymore. The liftershalte in Maastricht at the beginning of the A2 near the soccer stadium De Geusselt was situated on a very good location to hitchhike to (Viaductweg x N2/A2) (direction Eindhoven) and the A79 (direction Heerlen). This liftershalte has been removed in 2012 due to reconstruction of the road. Leeuwarden used to have a liftershalte as well, but this one was removed years ago.


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