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Girl hitchhiking at the liftershalte of The Hague

A liftershalte or liftplaats (in the Dutch language) is a spot (halte means stop, like in bushalte), marked by an official sign, where a hitchhiker (lifter) can easily be picked up by car drivers.[1] In the Netherlands these spots can be found at the following places (2018):

  • Amsterdam: at the Prins Bernhardplein before NS Station Amsterdam Amstel (pass the bus stop), road that leads to the ramp of the S112 of the A10. (direction A1 and A2).
  • Groningen: at the Emmaviaduct, the road to the A28, 200 meter westwards of the Centraal Station (richting Assen). Since 2017: at Europaweg nearby Damsterdiep (direction Germany).
  • Sneek and Heeg: local liftershaltes connecting these places.
  • Utrecht ramp of the Waterlinieweg near Galgenwaard stadium (north-bound A27 and A28 and south-bound A12, A2 and A27).
  • Zoetermeer: at the bus stop Pruimengaarde on the Australieweg. Combined bus stop/hitchhiking spot eastwards A2 to Utrecht. And at the bus stop Meerzichtlaan on the Afrikaweg. Combined bus stop/hitchhiking spot directions The Hague, Rotterdam, Delft.

In the past there were also liftershaltes in:

  • Amsterdam: N200 direction Haarlem
  • The Hague: next to the Malieveld, at the beginning of the A12 (direction Utrecht). Officially doesn't exist anymore: sign has gone. But location is still good for hitchhiking.
  • Enschede: on Westerval, at the Parkweg (direction A1), receded 2006.
  • Maastricht: at the beginning of the A2 near the soccer stadium De Geusselt situated on a very good location to hitchhike to (Viaductweg x N2/A2) (direction Eindhoven) and the A79 (direction Heerlen), receded in 2012.
  • Leeuwarden: reportedly had an official hitch-hiking spot
  • Nijmegen: at the Graafseweg (direction Venlo and 's-Hertogenbosch), receded 2016, at the verkeersplein near the Waalbrug {direction Arnhem}.


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