Light Airborne Multi-Purpose System

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An SH-60B Seahawk helicopter releasing a Mark 46 torpedo

The Light Airborne Multi-Purpose System (LAMPS) is the United States Navy's program that developed manned helicopters that assist the surface fleet in anti-submarine warfare.

The purpose of LAMPS was to scout outside the limits of a fleet's radar and sonar range to detect and track enemy submarines or missile-equipped escort ships and feed the real-time data back to their LAMPS mothership. They also have the capability to directly engage enemy targets with depth charges or torpedoes or indirectly engage the enemy by coordinating fleet assets on site.

A Mk II version was planned, but was canceled in favor of the more advanced Mk III. LAMPS III added the capabilities to use anti-ship missile systems (like the AGM-119 Penguin air-to-ground missile) and night vision capability.

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