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Lightning Comics in the mid 90s was an independent comic publisher founded by Joseph and Steve Zyskowski. They wanted to make comic books unlike the ones they had read before. They believed the newest comics "seemed to lack 'substance'." Their first artists were Julius Jackson, Paul Abrams, Terral Lawrence, Karl Kerscl, and Eric Pence. The first comic published by Lightning Comics, Bloodfire #1, sold 50,000 comics. The company's idea was to make each issue a limited printing to enhance collectability. Also, after that first book, Greg Weed was hired to move the company from marker to airbrush.

Lightning Comics later became the first of several publishers to capitalize on the "Bad Girl" trend in comics by offering limited "nude cover" variations of their comics featuring Hellina, Catfight and their other female heroines.

Comic Series[edit]

  • Bloodfire
  • "Claire Voyante"
  • Judgement Day
  • Perg
  • Curse of the Dreadwolf
  • Creed (It was originally published by Hall of Heroes, then Avatar after Lightning, and a last stop most recently in the beginning of the 2000s with Image Comics.)
  • Hellina
  • Deathangel
  • Sinthia
  • Catfight (under the Insomnia imprint)

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