Lights of Euphoria

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Lights of Euphoria
2016 WGT 144 Lights of Euphoria.jpg
At the Wave-Gotik-Treffen 2016
Background information
Years active1992–present
LabelsAccession Records
MembersTorben Schmidt (instruments)
Jimmy Machon (vocals)

Lights of Euphoria is a music group from Germany. The group was originally intended as a single-song project, but remained together after the success of their first song, "Subjection".


Jimmy Machon
  • Violent World (MCD)
  • Brainstorm (CD)
  • Thoughtmachine (CD)
  • Beyond Subconsciousness (CD)
  • Fahrenheit (CD)
  • Blood Brothers (CD, US version of Fahrenheit)
  • Voices (CD)
  • Fortuneteller (MCD)
  • True Life (MCD)
  • Krieg Gegen die Maschinen (CD)
  • Fading Moments (EP)
  • One Nation (MCD)
  • Querschnitt (CD, best of compilation)
  • Gegen Den Strom (CD)
  • Sleepwalk (The Awakening) (MCD)

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