Liliane Nemri

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Liliane Nemri
Born Lebanon
Occupation Actress
Years active 1971–present

Liliane Nemri (Arabic: ليليان نمري‎) is a Lebanese actress and comedian who has played in a number of Lebanese movies and series. Her mother is Alia Nemri, a famous Lebanese actress, who also played in a number of Lebanese movies and was the reason for Nemri to develop an interest in becoming an actress too. Liliane was born in a family of artists. She entered the theatre world with her father, who was also an actor. She starred with him in many plays, and gained many roles that introduced her to a large group of Lebanese and Arab fans, and allowed her to become a comedy icon thanks to her funny spirit and strong sense of humour. Liliane won many awards, such as Best Actress, and received the title: The Queen Of Comedy (Arabic: زعيمة الكوميديا اللبنانية‎) that show the people's appreciation of her talent, her many successful works through the years, and her important contribution to the Lebanese comedy.


Movie name
Liman Youghanni Alhob (For Those Who Sing Love) (1986)
West Beirut (1998)
Civilize (Randa Shahal's movie) (2001)
Tayyara Men Warak (Paper Plane) (2004)
Bosta (2006)

TV series[edit]

  • Abou Melhem
  • Al 3a2ila al sa3ida
  • Al Mo3allima wal Ostaz
  • Sett El habayeb Ya Baba
  • Bentein w Sabi
  • Es7a Ya neyem
  • A7la 3alam
  • Shou bado ysir
  • Oul Nchalla
  • Kella Mel7a
  • Ghadan Yawmon Akhar
  • Imra2a men daya3
  • Erbet Ten7al
  • Jamil w Jamile
  • Kallemni Arabi
  • Abou el 3abed
  • Ma2lab Mrattab
  • 3ammi Kou
  • She22a fo2 She22a
  • Alkhadaj
  • Abdo w abdo
  • Se3a bel ize3a
  • Mech zabta
  • Jamil and Jamileh (2001)
  • Ahdam chi (2010)