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Linda Buckley-Archer is a British writer born in the 1958. She was born in Sussex,[1] but spent most of her childhood on a blackcurrant farm in Staffordshire,[2] and now lives in London.[3]

Originally trained as a linguist, she lectured in French for some years before becoming a full-time author and scriptwriter. She has written original drama for both BBC Radio (most recently, Pearls in the Tate) and television (One Night in White Satin) but is best known for The Gideon Trilogy of novels which she started out as writing as a Radio drama, but realized, once she read it aloud to her children and they refused to let her stop for dinner, what potential the script had as a novel. Gideon the Cutpurse then gained wide publicity through its excellent depiction of 18th Century Britain, making it popular for schools to assign it as homework. The Gideon Trilogy was inspired by the criminal underworld of eighteenth-century London.



About- From The Official Gideon Trilogy website:

Linda Buckley-Archer was born in Sussex; spent much of her childhood in the countryside near Lichfield; studied French literature in Leeds and London and, much later, creative writing at Goldsmiths College. She has lived with her family, in Teddington, between the Thames and Hampton Court Palace for over twenty years.

To become a writer was always her ambition, but, after a variety of other occupations, Linda started to write professionally in 2002. A scriptwriter, journalist and novelist, she has written original dramas for BBC Radio 4 and BBC television, reviews children’s fiction for the Guardian, and has written a Young Adult trilogy set in the 18th and 21st centuries called THE GIDEON TRILOGY (in the U.S.) or THE TIME QUAKE trilogy (in the UK). Linda’s latest novel aimed at a teen and adult audience, will be published by Simon & Schuster (U.S.) in 2015.

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