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Lindsay McQueen proving his skill by doing a backflip on a FlyBoard. (9th February 2014)

Lindsay McQueen (Villajoyosa, Spain, 28 May 1979) is a hydroflight athlete. He has been involved with the company FlyBoard since it was invented by a French watercraft rider, Franky Zapata in spring 2011 and has actively taken part in the growth of FlyBoard.

He has taken part in all World Championships to date, Qatar (2012), Qatar (2013) and Dubai (2014). His best result was in 2012 when he came in 5th place, disqualified by a head-to-head battle in quarterfinals by Stephane Prayas from France, who went on to become the World Champion of that year.

He lives and trains on Ibiza where he is sponsored and is image for the Ushuaïa beach hotel, Maremoto Jets, SEA-DOO Watercraft, Alkkemist premium Gin and FlyBoard Spain.

Early life and education[edit]

At age 5 he started water-skiing at the Cable Ski Benidorm in his home town in Benidorm (Alicante) and at age 8 he started to compete for the Spanish water-ski team in the category of Slalom achieving various Spanish champion titles. At age 13 he moved to Nottingham, UK to study. After finishing his studies at Carlton le Willows school he moved back to Spain where at age 19 started water-skiing professionally again and working as an instructor at Cerro de Alarcón water-ski school in Madrid where amongst other personalities he gave lessons to the present king of Spain SM Felipe VI. He was also one of the first Wakeboarder's in Spain and was the winner of the first Spanish national Wakeboard Championship held at Casa de Campo, Madrid. At age 29 he moved to Ibiza, Spain where he continued with businesses related to water-sports and in beginning of 2012 when French watercraft rider Franky Zapata invented the FlyBoard he signed the exclusivity for Spain and has dedicated his life to this sport ever since.

FlyBoard shows[edit]

Thanks to his past experience in Water-skiing and Wakeboarding he quickly progressed and self-taught himself with the FlyBoard and is now a reference for the sport. After the first FlyBoard World cup held in Dubai, 2012 he became part of a select group of riders that made a series of FlyBoard shows around the world. At the training sessions for one of the shows at KaruJet in Guadeloupe, Caribbean, he was one of the 5 riders (Patrick Esnard, John Albinson, Emmanuel Jules, Stephane Prayas) that decided to experiment the use of the FlyBoard without the arm stabilizers that where originally invented by Franky Zapata, soon after this the decision was taken to use the FlyBoard without arm stabilizers. In September 2013 this group of riders was to hold a show in Azerbaijan for the Minister of Sports, on arrival and unexpectedly, early elections where announced and because of this the show was cancelled because it was not allowed to make shows in public areas. As a result, the team had the idea to make the show in a private place, in this case was the hotel swimming pool. This was one of the first FlyBoard Show's in a swimming pool. Lindsay McQueen performed what would be the first backflip with a FlyBoard in the world inside a swimming pool. At the hotel the team met professional Saxophonist Anastasia Zhukouskaya and had the idea for her to play the Saxophone on the FlyBoard as part of the show.

Flyboard shows are very popular in the most popular events, weddings, beach and night clubs around the world. Lindsay McQueen is one of the most experienced FlyBoard Showmen in the world and makes regular shows during the summer months at some of the best clubs and events in Ibiza.

McQueen has also appeared on various TV commercials and TV programs like Vodafone, Heineken, Hormiguero with Tom Cruise, Les Princes de l'Amour and more.

Some of McQueen's flyBoard shows[edit]

Performances and media[edit]


  • 1988. Water-skiing Spanish national champion in the "Alevin category"
  • 1989. Water-skiing Spanish national champion in the "Alevin category"
  • 1990. Water-skiing Spanish national champion in the "Alevin category"
  • 1991. Water-skiing Spanish national champion in the "Alevin category"
  • 1998. First Wakeboard Spanish national champion at Casa de Campo, Madrid
  • 2012. FlyBoard World Cup 5th place at Doha, Qatar
  • 2013. FlyBoard World Cup disqualified in first round for "flipping" the Jet ski, new rule for that year.
  • 2014. FlyBoard World Cup 10th place after first round at Dubai, UAE



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