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Lindsey Leavitt
GenreChildren's books, Young adult, novels

Lindsey Taylor Leavitt (born August 1980 in Las Vegas, Nevada) is an American author of young adult, Middle Grade novels, including the Princess for Hire Series, and juvenile fiction (the Commander in Cheese Series).[1]


Life and early career[edit]

Lindsey Taylor was born in August 17, 1980 and grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada. She is the second of five children and graduated from Bonanza High School[2] in 1998. She later went on to attend Brigham Young University where she studied to be an elementary school teacher.[3]

Leavitt stopped teaching and became a substitute teacher when her oldest daughter was born.[4] While pregnant, Leavitt wrote what would later become Sean Griswold's Head, stating that her pregnancy accounted for the emotional ride of the novel. Leavitt then wrote the Princess for Hire series while her first daughter was napping.[5]

Writing career[edit]

As of February 2017, Leavitt has published three Young Adult books, five books for middle graders (two with Robin Mellom), and four books for juveniles (with illustrator A. G. Ford). Leavitt has also won numerous awards for her books including the YALSA Best Fiction for Young Adults 2012 award to Sean Griswold's Head.[6]

Leavitt is a full-time author and lives with her large blended family in Utah.[7]


Princess for Hire series[edit]

  • Princess for Hire (Princess for Hire #1) (2010)
  • The Royal Treatment (Princess for Hire #2) (2011)
  • A Farewell to Charms (Princess for Hire #3) (2012)


  • Sean Griswold's Head (2011)
  • Going Vintage (2013)
  • The Chapel Wars (2014)

The Pages Between Us[edit]

  • The Pages Between Us (2017) (with Robin Mellom)
  • The Pages Between Us : In the Spotlight (2017) (with Robin Mellom)

Commander in Cheese series[edit]

  • Commander in Cheese #1: The Big Move (2016), illustrated by Ag Ford
  • Commander in Cheese #2: Oval Office Escape (2016), illustrated by Ag Ford
  • Commander in Cheese #3: Have a Mice Flight! (2016), illustrated by Ag Ford
  • Commander in Cheese #4: The Birthday Suit (2017), illustrated by Ag Ford
  • Commander in Cheese Super Special #1: Mouse Rushmore (September 2017), illustrated by Ag Ford


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