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Football match at the Linkbelt Oval

Linkbelt Oval is a sports stadium of the island nation of Nauru, besides Menen Stadium. It is located in Aiwo and was constructed by the Nauru Phosphate Corporation. It is also called the Aida Oval, because Aida, one of the athletic organizations in Nauru, holds its competitions and trainings here.


Because of its age and rough playing surface, it is generally not suitable for international requirements. The Linkbelt Oval hosts Australian rules football and soccer matches. The stadium holds the offices of the Nauru Australian Football Association (NAFA), which organized the games of the national championships and the national team. The visitor attendance record lies at 3,000 spectators, which was achieved during the championship finale in 1999.

It consists of a playing field and temporary small grandstands during important games. The structure is named after a company, which was earlier involved in the excavation of phosphates. Additionally, the team named after the power station, the Menaida Tigers, was originally known by the name "Linkbelt."

There is no grass growing in the stadium; the playing surface is comprised completely of phosphate dust and dirt. The motto of the NAFA is "the hard men of football".[1]

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