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Lionel's Kingdom (Turma da Mata) is a set of fictional characters created in the 1960s-70s and appearing at the Monica's Gang comic strips. All characters are animals, with the contact with human beings hardly happening. However, the animals are very personified, with almost all of them walking by two feet (except for Tim Turtle), most of them wearing clothes, and obviously, all of them being able to speak. Their home is a forest, presumably in Brazil, although featuring mostly African animals.


  • Thunder (Jotalhão) – Although the English name of this set of characters is given after Lionel, Thunder is the true main character. He is a green elephant, with human-like hands, and one of the most beloved characters created by Mauricio de Sousa. He is very shy, calm, and a pacifist. He became famous when he appeared in a TV commercial for a tomato sauce of CICA, a defunct and now Unilever-owned Brazilian food company.[1]
  • King Lionel (Rei Leonino) - The king of the forest. This brown lion feels really pleased to be occupying the throne and to be giving orders to his vassals, although he's not a dictator or an authoritarian. He lives in his palace, which is actually a cavern, protected by monkey-guards.
  • Lou Courier (Ministro Luís Caxeiro) – Lionel's most important and loyal vassal and employee. Although he is officially the Minister of Come & Go, he serves Lionel more like a secretary. He serves as a messenger between Lionel and his kingdom, and vice versa, making him also a spokesman. Lou is a blue hedgehog.
  • Tim Turtle (Tarugo) – One of Thunder's best friends. This green jabuti wears glasses, and has his head coming out of the middle of his carapace, instead of the front edge, as a normal jabuti. Also, he has wheels instead of feet (although initially he would have normal feet). His Portuguese name is a pun on the word "Tartaruga", which means Turtle in that language.
  • Raposão – Thunder's best friend, a smart fox
  • Ant Rita (Rita Najura) – A small purple ant. She has a crush on Thunder, despite the differences between them, either in size, either in species, and her attempts include creating traps for him to marry her against his will.[2][3] Rita's attempts to date Thunder are almost the only subject of her strips - a similar situation to that of Piteco and Tooga, characters of another set related to Monica's Gang. Her Portuguese name is a joke on the word tanajura (Atta), a Brazilian species of ant.
  • Coelho Caolho – This rabbit also wears glasses and lives under the ground, on a burrow filled with his uncountable children,[4] a reference to the high rates of reproduction of rabbits. The official number of children is 118,[5] although there are no instances where all 118 appear together.


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