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Lisa LaPorta is an interior designer in Los Angeles who has appeared on several HGTV reality programs including Designed to Sell, Designers' Challenge, and Designing for the Sexes.


LaPorta received her professional training in design from the UCLA Department of Environmental Art and Design.[1] Lisa has been featured on the many HGTV television shows including

  • Designers Challenge,
  • Designing for the Sexes,
  • Designed to Sell,
  • Home for the Holidays,
  • Design Star,
  • Showdown,
  • Summer Showdown,
  • Bang for your Buck,
  • 25 Biggest Renovation Mistakes,
  • 25 Biggest Selling Mistakes,
  • and First Time Design.

Lisa LaPorta is a designer in a class of her own. She is representative of an emerging desire for simple design that is accessible for anyone. She encourages her clients and do-it-yourselfers to hone their personal style as the first step toward great design, and helps them create harmony in their home by focusing on the elements they love.

Lisa’s humor, can-do spirit and design philosophy constantly win people over. From the minute they meet her, people open up because she’s like a friend with whom they can sit, share a cup of coffee, and chat about life. That’s how Lisa helps people understand and feel comfortable with design. Once she starts getting to know you, she uses the same approach for any budget or scale. “It’s like looking at your wardrobe,” she says. “If it were clothing, would you wear those pieces together? If you wouldn’t wear an outfit with that combination, then it won’t work for you in a room either.”

It’s because of Lisa’s overall expertise, likeability, and willingness to roll up her sleeves and do the work that she has become one of America’s most popular designers. She is widely recognized by millions from her considerable visibility through a string of successful HGTV shows including, “Designing for the Sexes”, “Designer’s Challenge”, “Designed to Sell”, “Bang for Your Buck”, “Showdown” and “First Time Design”. For over 15 years, LaPorta has been entering people’s lives and helping them deal with the toughest design dilemmas. Lisa is an experienced professional who can take a project from the drafting table to completion. Her extensive knowledge of architecture, construction and design are strongly rooted in her background and years of training to understand every level of her business. Her credibility and reputation have led to partnerships with brands, including Pfister Faucets, Dutch Boy Paints, Purdy Paint Brushes, KILZ brand primer, Scrubbing Bubbles, and Toyota. She also has launched a new Lisa LaPorta Patio Collection of affordable, high quality outdoor furniture, available in spring of 2011. Lisa is a go-to expert providing tips in publications such as People, Us Weekly, TV Guide, Entertainment Weekly, Newsweek, Time, The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times, and she has made appearances on national and regional TV programming, including “The Rachael Ray Show”. For more information about Lisa visit her website at


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