Lisleherad Station

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Lisleherad stasjon TRS 070603 012.jpg
Location LisleheradNotodden
Coordinates 59°36′16″N 9°16′40″E / 59.60444°N 9.27778°E / 59.60444; 9.27778Coordinates: 59°36′16″N 9°16′40″E / 59.60444°N 9.27778°E / 59.60444; 9.27778
Elevation 134.0 m
Owned by Norwegian State Railways
Operated by Norwegian State Railways
Line(s) Tinnoset Line
Distance 151.02 km
Platforms 1
Architect Thorvald Astrup
Opened 9 August 1909

Lisleherad Station (Norwegian: Lisleherad nye stasjon) was a railway station serving Lisleherad in Notodden, Norway on Tinnoset Line from 1909 to the line closed in 1991.

Designed by Thorvald Astrup it opened on 9 August 1909 as Lilleherred, changing to Litleherad on 1 January 1922 and to Lisleherad on 15 October 1922. It was manned until 1960. After the railway closed it was sold as a residence.[1]

The station in 1911


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