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Lissa Lauria
Lissa Lauria Headshot 2015.jpg
Occupation Actress, singer/songwriter

Lissa Lauria is an American actress and recording artist born in New York City.[1]

Acting career[edit]

Lauria is the youngest of four siblings. She began acting at a young age appearing in local, regional and national commercials as well on the children’s show Slime Time Live, The Rosie O'Donnell Show and the 2003 film The Kiss.[2]

When Lauria was fifteen, she and her family moved to the West Coast where she landed a role in the 2009 rock musical, All Ages Night[3][4] and a role in the pilot, How To Survive High School.[5]

In 2010, Lauria appeared in a segment of the TV series Style 101: Teen Edition, about Spanx and its use during the Academy Awards.[6] In 2011, she appeared in the TV series Medium[citation needed] and Weeds,[7] That same year she was a co-writer on Planet Rock: An 80's Musical, which was produced by Randy Jackson, Joe Simpson, Barney Cohen and Delora OBrien.[8] Lauria is the lead in the upcoming comedy film Spare Change[9] which is available on Amazon [10] as well as Google Play and iTunes. She also is also appearing as a series regular on ClevverTV's "Throwback" [11] Lauria is a lead in the upcoming 2017 film, "Wally Got Wasted" [12]

Music career[edit]

During Lauria's first year in Los Angeles, she and the Stained Pink band were invited to open for the Jonas Brothers with four original songs.[13]

In 2009, Lauria had two of her original songs added to the teen film, Minor Details.[14] In 2012, her song "Famous", written with The Jackie Boyz, was added to the soundtrack of pro-wrestling documentary Beyond the Mat.[citation needed] In Denmark, Lauria and the making of "Famous" were the focuses of a Danish reality show about making it in Hollywood.[15]

Music producer Printz Board has produced music with her under his "Beets and Produce" imprint.[16]

Music videos[edit]

  • "Famous" (2011)
  • "Girlfriend" (2012)
  • "Boys and Girls" (2013)
  • "One Day" (2014)



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