List of Alabama Civil War Confederate units

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This is a list of Alabama Civil War Confederate Units.

Infantry Units[edit]


Artillery units[edit]


  • 1st Mobile Infantry (Local Defense)
  • 1st Alabama Conscripts (Echol's Company)
  • 1st Battalion, Cadets
  • 1st Conscripts
  • 1st Mobile Volunteers
  • 5th Battalion (Blount's), Volunteers
  • 5th Battalion, Volunteers
  • 18th Battalion, Volunteers
  • 55th Volunteers
  • Alabama Conscripts
  • Alabama Rebels
  • Alabama Recruits
  • Allen's Company
  • Arrington's (Captain) Company A, City Troop (Mobile)
  • Barbiere's Battalion, Cavalry
  • Barlow's (Captain) Company, Cavalry
  • Battalion of Conscripts and Reserves
  • Bay Batteries
  • Bowie's (Captain) Company, Cavalry
  • Calhoun County Reserves
  • Callaway's (Captain) Company, Cavalry
  • Camp of Instruction, Talladega, Alabama
  • Chisolm's (Captain) Company
  • Coosa County Reserves
  • Crawford's (Captain) Company
  • Darby's (Captain) Company, Auburn Home Guards, Volunteers
  • Echols' (Lieutenant) Company of Conscripts
  • Fagg's (Captain) Company, Lowndes Rangers, Volunteers
  • Falkner's (Captain) Company, Cavalry (Chambers Cavalry)
  • Fayette County Reserves
  • Fire Battalion of Mobile
  • Forrest's Cavalry
  • Freeman's (Captain) Company, Prison Guard
  • Gachet's Company, Cavalry
  • Goldsmith's (Captain) Independent Company, Volunteers
  • Gorff's (Captain) Company (Mobile Pulaski Rifles)
  • Graves' Company, Cavalry
  • Hardy's (Captain) Company (Eufaula Minutemen)
  • Hert's (Captain) Company
  • Hilliard's Legion
  • Holloway's Company, Cavalry
  • Lee, Jr's., (Captain) Company, Volunteers
  • Leighton Rangers
  • Lenoir's (Captain) Independent Company, Cavalry
  • Lewis' Battalion, Cavalry
  • Lockett's (Captain) Company, City Guards
  • Meador's (Captain) Company, Volunteers
  • Miscellaneous, Alabama
  • Mobile City Troop
  • Montgomery Guards
  • Moreland's Regiment, Cavalry
  • Morris' (Captain) Company (Mounted Men)
  • Moses' (Captain) Squadron, Cavalry
  • Murphy's Battalion, Cavalry
  • Oden's, John (Captain) Company, Mounted Infantry
  • Orr's (Captain) Company, Morgan Defenders
  • Rabby's (Captain) Coast Guard Company No. 1, Volunteers
  • Randolph County Reserves
  • Reed's Supporting Force, 2d Congressional District
  • Rives' (Captain) Supporting Force, 9th Congressional District
  • Roddey's Escort, Cavalry
  • Shelby County Reserves
  • Stewart's (Lieutenant) Detachment, Local Defense
  • Stuart's Battalion, Cavalry
  • Talladega County Reserves
  • Toomer's (Captain) Company, Local Defense and Special Service (Chunchula Guards)
  • Young's (Captain) Company, Nitre and Mining Corps

Partisan Rangers[edit]

  • 1st (Gunter's) Battalion, Partisan Rangers (Gibson's / 18th Infantry Battalion)
  • 13th Battalion, Partisan Rangers
  • 14th Alabama Cavalry Battalion, Partisan Rangers; Malone's Brigade (Consolidated with the 19th Cavalry Battalion, folded into the 7th, then 9th, Alabama Cavalry, fought under Gen. Wheeler the entire war)
  • 15th (First) Battalion, Partisan Rangers
  • 51st Partisan Rangers
  • 53rd Partisan Rangers
  • 56th Partisan Rangers


  • 2nd Volunteer Militia
  • 3rd Volunteer Militia
  • 4th Volunteer Militia
  • 48th Militia
  • 89th Militia
  • 94th Militia
  • 95th Militia
  • Bligh's (Captain) Company, Militia
  • Campbell's (Captain) Company, Militia
  • Gueringer's (Captain) Company, Militia
  • Henry County 1st Class Militia
  • Hunt's (Captain) Company, Militia
  • West's (Captain) Company, Militia


  • 1st Regiment Alabama Infantry Reserves (Swanson Guards / Lockhart's Battalion)
  • 3rd Alabama Reserves
  • 4th Alabama Reserves
  • 3rd Alabama Battalion Reserves
  • Barbiere's Battalion Alabama Cavalry (Alabama Reserves)
  • Hardie's Battalion, Cavalry Reserves
  • Ready's Battalion, Reserves
  • Belser's (Captain) Company, Reserves
  • Brooks' (Captain) Company, Cavalry Reserves
  • Logan's Company, Mounted Reserves
  • Palmer's (Captain) Company, State Reserves
  • Rankin's (Captain) Company, Reserves
  • Young's Company, Cavalry (State Reserves)

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