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Date Officer name(s) Victim name(s) Outcome Notes Officer Outcome
June 5, 2007 Russell Carter Jay Martin Murphy Murphy killed *barricaded self in home
*Jay Murphy Jr., 19 tried to calm police down[1]
November 6, 2009 Brandon Carr Roderick Jones Jones killed Carr fired 18 months later[2]
January 9, 2010 Andrew Cooke Aaron Renfro Renfro killed *passenger in car stopped for speeding *Cooke cleared by grand jury[3]
January 13, 2010 Brett Lampiris-Tremba Kenneth Ellis III[4] Ellis killed *Ellis holding gun to his own head
*Sean Wallace also present
*Judge in civil suit ruled Ellis' rights violated
*Brett Lampiris-Tremba sued for promotion and back pay[5]
January 29, 2010 Sean Wallace Wayne Cordova Cordova killed *Cordova suspected of fleeing after possibly stealing a car *Wallace now a K-9 officer who works with SWAT
*Wallace later shot Alan Gomez;[6]
*the District Attorney ruled this a justifiable homicide[6]
March 4, 2010 Roger Legendre Jose Castillo,
Tanya Martinez,
Raymond Carillo[7]
*Castillo charged with assaulting a police officer *police shot at car after beer shoplifting incident, Giant gas station, Coors and Quail
*Castillo driving
Legendre now a sergeant[8]
March 29, 2010 Kevin Sanchez Mickey Owings[9] Owings killed *Sanchez shot at moving vehicle in Walmart parking lot, I-40 and Quail
*pregnant female in Owings vehicle unharmed
*40+ witnesses
*The city's independent review officer ruled the shooting was justified[10]
*The DoJ used this shooting as an example of "Albuquerque police officers' own recklessness" leading to use of violence[10]
*wrongful death lawsuit filed by Kennedy law firm[11]
April 14, 2010 Zach Stephenson Benjamin Marquez Marquez shot 3-4 times in upper body *Marquez smoking a cigarette while pumping gas at Broadway and Gibson Sandy testified at Sandy's trial that he "idolized" Stephenson
June 10, 2010 Eric Brown,
Anthony Sedler
Chris Hinz
Spain and Juan Tabo
Hinz killed *Hinz intoxicated at home
*Police said he was firing his weapon inside his home[12]
*Sedler later shoots Parrish Dennison
June 14, 2010 Aaron Zwicky Julian Calbert Calbert killed *Calbert had kidnapped two women
*One called 911
from Calbert's car trunk[13]
A grand jury found the shooting justified[14]
July 27, 2010 Jeremy Hollier,
Anthony Glodon
Len Fuentes, diagosed schizophrenic, unable to access, treatment[15] Fuentes killed
3400 block Crest SE
violence call[16]
Hollier arrested in 2012 for felony domestic violence, still with APD[17]
August 17, 2010 Josh Brown Enrique Carrasco Carrasco shot at Montgomery and San Mateo after slashing his girlfriend's tires Carrasco jumped on Brown's hood and repeatedly stabbed officer's driver-side window with a knife and broke it, then tried to open the door, said Public Safety Director Darren White
September 14, 2010 Leah Kelly Chandler Barr Barr hospitalized, survived being shot, 2nd and Central Police called because Barr was cutting his arm with a "butter knife"
*Kelly smoking a cigar as she pulled trigger
Barr filed suit for $340,000 in medical bills and pain and suffering[18] A federal jury found no liability.[19]
October 19, 2010 Drew Bader,
Ramon Ornelas
Daniel Gonzales Tucumcari police asked NM State Police for help, State Police call in Albuquerque SWAT *came to door with two rifles APD SWAT officers cleared[21]
October 31, 2010 David Sprague Alexei Sinkevitch
6500 block of Tierra Prieta NW
911 reports of hit-and-runs on Estrella Brillante NW
Callers took plate
Police traced to Sinkevitch
*Sinkevitch had rifle
*Sinkevitch bled to death on floor of his home[22]
November 11, 2010 Brian Pitzer, Doug Moore Russell Tenorio
1400 block Alamo SE
Tenorio survived, in hospital 2½ months, lost of a kidney. Tenorio had fetal alcohol symptom, was threatening to hurt himself[23] *Pitzer announced he was "going lethal" before entering the home[23]
*federal lawsuit[24]
February 9, 2011 Byron "Trey" Economidy (Detective) Jacob Mitschelen Mitschelen killed *traffic stop[25] *Economidy suspended for 4 days for listing his occupation on Facebook as "human waste disposal"[26]
*wrongful death lawsuit settled for $300,000[25]
April 12, 2011 Christopher J. Brown Christopher Torres Torres shot in his parents' back yard father says police used a battering ram to enter the house even though he was present and offered to let them in[27] Jury award over $10 million, later settled for $6 million +[28]
May 10, 2011 Sean Wallace Alan Gomez[29] *Gomez killed while holding spoon
*wrongful death suit settled in December 2013 for $900,000[30]
*"the officer shot Gomez without verifying a threat, and after receiving information that Gomez could not have been a threat because he was no longer armed."[31] *earlier wrongful death suit settled for $235,000
*Wallace first shot a civilian on September 22, 2004 in Chimayó when he was an NMSP narcotics agent; tort claim notice filed late December 2004[32]
June 4, 2011 Troy Nikko, William Thomas, Michael Oates[33] Raymond Garcia *Garcia killed Lomas and Palomas[34]
*officers pinned his car in near a chainlink fence in front of Cross Country Auto Sales[35]
*Garcia caught carjacking
June 26, 2011 Damian Lujan Orlando Paisano Paisano tased, shot eight times, Bell and Dallas SE[36] Paisano holding bayonet, police say[36]
August 30, 2011 Jim Perdue Michael Marquez Marquez shot in field, 60th and Central Michael Marquez an armed robbery suspect *District Attorney ruled shooting justified
*First shooting under new system[37]
January 4, 2012 Mario Perez Mark Macoldowna,
James Kellogg,[38]
Kymberly Bates
Macoldowna killed, Bates and Kellogg arrested armed robbery of St. Pius X complex
March 19, 2012 Martin Smith Daniel Tillison
Marquette and Texas
Tillison killed[1] wrongful death lawsuit alleges Smith PTSD-diagnosed and APD knew it[39] DA found no probable cause for charges[40]
March 21, 2012 Russ Carter Gary Atencio Atencio shot on Laguna Pueblo after pursuit Carter's 3rd shooting[1] wrongful death lawsuit dismissed[41]
April 19, 2012 Mike Hill Dennis Aragon Aragon shot three times but was expected to survive police say Aragon fired shots in the air then pointed rifle at police
August 6, 2012 Jason Peck (APD sgt) Dominick Solis-Mora[42] Solis-Mora shot in stomach then recovered Solis-Mora said to sell $240 worth of meth to undercover Peck DA and APD Internal Affairs clear Peck of wrongdoing
*Solis-Mara subsequently involved a number of other criminal incidents
March 5, 2013 Perdue,
Sedler and Aragon
Parrish Dennison Dennison killed Menaul and Louisiana Dennison driver of woman trying to sell stolen banjo[43] *Sedler had previously shot Chris Hinz[44]
*Sedler cleared of wrongdoing[45]
March 19, 2013 APD Kendall Carroll
13000 block Constitution
killed by State Police,
APD also fired
Carroll had previously shot and wounded a police officer[46]
July 5, 2013 Jeff Bludworth,
Katherine Wright
Vincent Wood convenience store Montgomery and San Mateo *previously transported to mental health *shooting ruled justified
*Wrongful death lawsuit settled for $55,000[47]
October 26, 2013 Officer Luke McPeek
and others
Christopher Chase[48] Chase killed Chase had "cop killer" tattooed on his knuckles[49] award ceremony[50]
October 28, 2013 Brian Pitzer Joaquin Ortega shot Jefferson and Central[51] Ortega hospitalized then jailed on charges of robbery and carjacking *Prosecutors found no probable cause to charge Pitzer[52]
*Pitzer involved in two prior shootings, neither fatal[53]
November 15, 2013 Peter Romero Robert Garcia, Sr. *Garcia shot but survived, received 3-year sentence
*traffic stop, San Mateo
*Garcia had rifle, had been drinking
*later admitted he had attempted suicide to a cop
Garcia apologized to Romero
December 1, 2013 Luke McPeek,
David Munoz
and Jim Edison
Shane Sherrill Sherrill had felony warrants,
holding brake pad
No charges filed against police[54]
December 8, 2013 Hector Marquez,
Nathan Cadroy-Croteau
Andy Snider Snider killed Snider said to charge officers with hammer[55] Wrongful death lawsuit filed 2015[56]
*Both officers still on active duty
January 9, 2014 Russell Carter (Detective) Jeremy Robertson's tires, Walgreens in Rio Rancho *Robertson uninjured[57]
*Robertson charged with fleeing, assaulting officer/[57]
*Robertson wanted for parole violations *both Sedler and Ornelas on SWAT team
*Sedler's 2nd shooting, Ornelas' 3rd[44]
March 16, 2014 Keith Sandy (Detective),
Officer Dominique Perez
James Boyd Boyd killed *camping without a permit
*displaying knife to officers who tried to frisk him
*Both charged with open count of murder
March 25, 2014 James Eichel Alfred Redwine Redwine killed Redwine was upset because he had just lost custody of his 5yo son
April 21, 2014 Jeremy Dear Mary Hawkes Hawkes killed Hawkes suspected of having been in a stolen car
*Car's owner later told police Hawkes had dated his room-mate[58]
*Police claim 5 body cameras malfunctioned[59]
*Dear fired for repeatedly not turning on his camera, particularly in use of force incidents.
*Dear appeals firing and is reinstated. City appeals his reinstatement.[60]
*Family files wrongful death lawsuit.[61]
May 3, 2014 Daniel Hughes Armand Martin Martin killed in his Ventana Ranch home[62] Martin suffered from depression, "just went crazy," wife said.[63] Martin ran out of his home while discharging his handgun. DA and APD Internal Affairs clear Hughes of wrongdoing[64]
May 22, 2014 Ryan Graves,
Brian Fuchs
Ralph Chavez Chavez killed, 2nd at I-40 *Chavez suspected of rape
*Fuch's camera not on
*Graves' blocked by uniform, but did record audio
*Chavez said to pull knife, advance on officers
DA declined to press charges[65]
January 9, 2015 Greg Brachle Jacob Grant (APD detective)[66] *criminal complaint describes meth purchase
*charges against Damian Bailey and Edmond Vester for trafficking cocaine, conspiracy to commit trafficking[67]
officer's 2nd shooting
*Grant will need medical for the rest of his life,
settled lawsuit for $6.5 million and medical expenses
*police oversight board recommended firing but Brachle had already retired
*"APD said since that shooting, the department has improved supervision, training and equipment for undercover officers. In addition, it is now mandatory to attend all briefings before each operation.[68]
May 29, 2016 (unknown) Dennis Humphrey[69][69] Humphrey shot in his garage
Morningside and Goodrich[69]
911 call reported he was drunk and walking around outside his house with a rifle[70]

Other use of force incidents[edit]

Date Officer name(s) Citizen name(s) Outcome Notes Officer Outcome
January 1, 2012 Aaron Zwicky Patrick Dennison
Coors and Central
*fatal car crash
*Zwicky attempting to respond to shots fired in South Valley
Zwicky previously shot Julian Calbert in 2010
February 5, 2015 SWAT Nicholas Leyba,
Moon and
Indian School
minor injuries, charged with kidnapping, criminal sexual penetration
April 7, 2015 SWAT Dustin Goodwin
1400 blk
arrested domestic violence suspect
*tried to prevent girlfriend from leaving
*alcohol, firearms involved[71]
April 14, 2015 SWAT Marquette and
hospitalized with dog bites (Lex) charged wth domestic violence, burglary while fleeing[72]
April 22, 2015 BCSO SWAT Michael Quevedo,
800 block Dolly
(off La Vega)
arrested warrants, domestic violence, felon with firearm SWAT because "info the detective had and his history"[73]
May 10, 2015 SWAT 1800 block
Hiawatha NE
arrested 15-hour standoff, man hiding in television cabinet domestic violence
October 1, 2015 monitor: officers kneed suspect in head, report does not match video *"no meaningful followup"[74]
*officer's supervisor delayed filing a report[75]
November 10, 2015 SWAT Bell/Pennsylvania arrested search warrant, man refused to leave apartment felony warrants
December 22, 2015 Andrew Quillman, Shawna Romero also present[76] José Rodriguez,[77]
killed attempted carjacking, could not drive shift[76][78]
May 24, 2016 APD and
US Marshalls
Mario Montoya nr
Central/Western Skies
Montoya's wife arrested for harboring a fugitive[79] Montoya supposed to be at a halfway house
June 19, 2016 SWAT Lomas/Juan Tabo arrested "man was not cooperating with officers' requests to come out of a vehicle"[80]
September 30, 2016 Rodney Locke[81] killed Kay Moss-Freese, woman in wheelchair Locke quit APD February 2016 Locke arrested
October 22, 2016 Michael David Pacheco,
Walgreens Coors/Central[82]
arrested shots fired at Walgreens
miss, Pacheco flees;
officer-caused accident
at 64th/Churchill


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